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First Responder and LEO Counseling

Bianca Ramosdelrio Elliott

Sep 26, 2023

First Responder and LEO Counseling

The Counseling Conversation Location is pleased to provide assistance to North Carolina's law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMTs, emergency room personnel, and other First Responder personnel. Bianca RamosDelRio Elliott, our practice's founder and Clinical Director, is a North Carolina-certified First Responder Counselor with extensive training in the culture, expectations, and specific requirements of this population. Bianca Ramosdelrio Elliott pursued the CFRC designation after realizing that first responders in the region lacked access to specialized supportive services.

In addition to sessions in the office, Bianca Ramosdelrio can provide Equine-Assisted therapy and on-site services for First Responders and is also certified to provide telehealth, which is available by phone or via a confidential, secure video platform.

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